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Available size: 3.4 oz.

Please select: White label or Gray label (Gray label has no added fragrance) 


Product Description

An active mask for mildly sensitive, but oily, heavily blemish prone skin.


Organic hydrosols with sulfur, magnesium silicate and zinc oxide combine in a rich, creamy mask to absorb and cleanse deeply.


Our well proven formula in the professional market for over seven years. Skin that has visible pustules and breakouts will see a noticeable improvement with this mask.


Use with REVIVE for best results.


Key Benefits

  • Absorbs cellular waste
  • Sulfur and silicates relieve congestion
  • Hydrosols soothe
  • Works for oily, sensitive without drying
  • Works for blemish prone skin


Targeted Skin Type

Unstable heavily blemish prone skin, any age.


How to apply

  1. Cleanse well with REVIVE or FACE & BODY BAR, rinse, leave skin wet.
  2. Smooth in with clean sponges. You may use fingers but sponges are preferred to keep the procedure sanitary.
  3. Around eyes (avoid eye, eyelids very lightly), and nose and along jaw line are most effective areas of application in addition to cheeks, upper lip, chin, neck, forehead an