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Meet Our Team

Kelsey owner/esthetician



Kelsey is one of the owners and estheticians at Blossom. She is the sugaring experts here, with over 10 years of hands on experience as a working esthetician. She was initially drawn to the industry because she wanted to have a positive impact on people and their skin, which quickly turned to passion as she began to see the amazing results of her efforts. She feels sugaring compliments the holistic approach to skin health that Blossom embodies and wants to spread her love for sugaring through all of San Diego and beyond.

Sophia Esthetician



Having been brought up on the island of Maui, Sophia was effortlessly drawn to the natural approach to skincare and self-care practices. Struggling firsthand with hormonal imbalances and breakouts drove her to focus on holistic skincare when she began studying esthetics. She feels that a holistic approach is the key to great skin because it not only focuses on healing the skin externally, but internally as well. Sophia is passionate about being a part of your skin's journey, and her primary goal is to do whatever it takes to help your skin reach its full potential. In addition to being a Licensed Esthetician, Sophia is certified in Body & Facial Cupping, as well as Lymphatic Drainage Facial Massage.

Celena Owner/Esthetician



For Celena, working as an esthetician means more than just having a strong knowledge of skin care. She feels that having an understanding of the body as a whole and providing guidance regarding healthy lifestyle practices are also important in helping her clients reach their skin goals. She uses this insight as a basis for how she lives her own life. Celena has a passion for nutrition, traditional Chinese medicine, aromatherapy, and facial massage, including manual lymph drainage. Using products that are not tested on animals and that are ethically sourced is very important to her.

Brets Esthetician



Brets’ motto is “life is too short not to follow your passion” and that is exactly what she did when she went from the corporate world to skin care. Brets has had a passion for clear skin, lifted lashes, & fluffy brows since she was a teen. Getting licensed had always been a dream of hers so she can do what she loves every day. After losing over 100 lbs, Brets realized how important the holistic, natural approach is for every aspect in life and continues to make changes in her daily routine to continue her health journey; diet to skin. Welcome our newest member!

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