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Available sizes: 3.4 oz. or 8 oz.

Product Description

A naturally fermented ethanol based purifying cleanser and leave-on
that is excellent for unstable skin or anytime waterless clean up.


A very big favorite is this non-foaming, waterless, ethanol based cleanser for unstable skin that does double duty after cleansing as a leave-on barrier protectant.

Key Benefits

  • Cleans unstable skin
  • Excellent, go anywhere cleanser
  • Excellent for any skin type

Targeted Skin Type

Any unstable skin or as the environment requires. If you workout, this is your friend.


Apply lightly before workouts with REMEDY or REVIVE to minimize reabsorption of perspiration and grime.


Cleanse with PURITY after workout and then re-apply and leave-on for outstanding protection in any environment.


How to Apply

Small bumps along the hairline. If you workout, you see them.

  1. Before workout apply PURITY and tissue off. After workout swab area with REVIVE or PURITY and tissue off or rinse. Reapply REVIVE or PURITY and leave on.
  2. If workout is outdoors, first mix PURITY with a smidgen of REMEDY and spread along hairline. Post workout, apply PURITY or REVIVE and rinse or tissue off. Reapply PURITY and/or REVIVE as a leave on.

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