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Available sizes: 1.5 oz. or 4.25 oz.

Please select: White labe or Gray label (Gray label has not added fragrance)


Product Description

Our go-to product for over 20 years in clinics and spas, a unique moisturizing cleansing bar in one. Three ingredients. Our avocado oil extract available nowhere else gives this bar the magic touch toward soft, supple skin.


Special use #1: after waxing when the skin is tender and rapidly re-forming a hard outer layer that often leads to ingrown hair, the FACE & BODY BAR will keep the surface soft, hygienic and free of “in-groans.”


Special use # 2: unstable, rough textured skin goes away. If you had to take one product with you to the ends of the earth, this is the one.


Special use # 3: after a day outside, in strong weather, with sunburn, windburn, drying, perspiring, blowing dust, name it – wash with this. Nothing like it.

Key Benefits

  • Effective cleansing
  • Stabilizes skin action
  • Works for any skin type
  • Preservative free
  • Soft, supple skin

Targeted Skin Type



How to Apply

  1. Wet hands and apply.
  2. Add warm water to work up a creamy feel.
  3. Add more warm water to remove and rinse well.
  4. Done.

No squeaky, dry, taut feel; just soft, mild, natural response.

For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • All but dermatitis

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Dermatitis

Recommended frequency of use:

  • As needed but prefer alternating with REVIVE, and any lotion cleanser, like 302 CLEANSER. The more the better. Variety is the key to stable skin, but only if that variety is mild, mild, mild.

Actives while using FACE & BODY BAR:

  • Any

Other leave-ons acceptable:

  • Any


  • Scrubs
  • Acid peels
  • Benzoyl peroxide





Topical use only.

If irritation develops, discontinue use.


INGREDIENTS WHITE LABEL: Sodium palmitate/cocoate, avocado oil extract/avocado extract, mint

INGREDIENTS GRAY LABEL: Sodium palmitate/cocoate, avocado oil extract/avocado extract

302 Face & Body Bar

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