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Available size: 1 oz.


Product Description

Fragrance free jojoba oil and retinol (vitamin A) that helps reduce the visible signs of unstable skin.


Apply with CALMING MIST or REVIVE and smooth in.


CLARIFYING DROPS is a temporary leave-on that is removed with REVIVE.


A formula and process especially designed to clear and stabilize visibly affected, blemish prone skin.


Some skin warmth may be noticeable for first several applications.


Key Benefits

  • Fast, visible improvement
  • Elemental formula for skin that is unstable
  • Well tolerated retinol to smooth and brighten
  • Noticeable, visible improvement
  • Fragrance free


Targeted Skin Types

Visibly unstable, blemish prone skin is the CLARIFYING DROPS primary target.


How to Apply: Best uses


  1. Apply CLARIFYING DROPS three times per week, evenings. Spread with REVIVE.
  2. Allow five (5) minutes maximum dwell time.
  3. Apply REVIVE again and smooth in. Rinse very well.
  4. Re-apply REVIVE and leave-on.
  5. You may mix a smidgen of REMEDY with REVIVE if you are in need of more barrier protection from the environment.
  6. Avoid moisturizers, other actives, sunblock until skin is very stable.


For your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Discontinuing exfoliating acids
  • Discontinuing benzoyl peroxide
  • Visibly unstable
  • Normal/dry

Not for your skin if these conditions exist:

  • Oily
  • Heavy makeup usage
  • Heavy moisturizer usage
  • Continuing (or intended co-administration) of acid exfoliators and benzoyl peroxide
  • Unusual oral medications causing skin instability (i.e. chemo, cortisones, thyroid meds)

Recommended frequency of use:

Three times (3x) per week, evenings (observe and adjust)


(Note: two or three cleansers are recommended to be cycled through per week for best skin results)

  • Any 302 Skincare Cleanser or FACE & BODY BAR
  • REVIVE (highly recommended)

Additional actives while using CLARIFYING DROPS:


Additional leave-ons acceptable:

  • CALMING MIST anytime
  • REVIVE, anytime
  • REMEDY (small pea sized amount for entire face)


  • Scrubs
  • Heavy makeup



Oil drops


Topical use only.

If irritation develops, discontinue use.


INGREDIENTS: Organic jojoba oil, vitamin A (retinol), BHA

302 Clarifying Drops

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