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We use a holistic approach when it comes to our facials. All of our products are organic, made from sustainable practices and hand picked by our experienced staff. You will be glowing from the inside out after one of our heavenly facial treatments. 

Organic Face & Body Products


We use only the cleanest organic products you can find. We carry an assortment of brands hand picked by us. We do thorough research when choosing what lines to carry, testing them on ourselves first. All of our products are safe for you as well as for the environment. 

What you wont find in our products:

- No chemicals, dyes, or artificial fragrance

- No parabens and sulfites

- Not tested on animals

- No irritants or harmful ingredients of any kind

What you will find in our products:

-Organic ingredients

-Plant based botanicals and fragrances 

-Effective and clean actives

-Eco packaging


We offer full body sugar hair removal. What is sugaring you ask? The sugar method of hair removal is an ancient technique that uses only lemon, sugar and water to remove unwanted hair. The  paste is molded against the hair and removed in the direction of hair growth meaning complete accuracy. We use a organic paste that is safe for all skin types. 

Blossom Organic
Skin Care & Sugaring

Holistic, Organic, Clean Facials, Sugar Hair Removal & Products

We are a neighborhood spa and skin care boutique located in the heart of Normal Heights San Diego. Experience our fully customized holistic facial treatments, full body sugar hair removal, eye and brow enhancements, or come in to shop for clean organic face and body products. Check out our service menu to learn more about we offer.

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